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Hollywood Vault is the story of how the business of film libraries emerged and evolved, spanning the silent era to the sale of feature libraries to television. Eric Hoyt argues that film libraries became valuable not because of the introduction of…

By the mid-1950s, the revenue available from selling old films to television surpassed far surpassed the available revenue from reissuing old films theatrically. This table compares the Warner Bros. film library's TV earnings to reissue earnings.


Rental revenue and profitability for reissued RKO pictures. Data compares rental revenue to the picture's original release.

Reissue data on MGM pictures from the Eddie Mannix ledger.

The Eddie Mannix ledger accounts for reissue revenue within the original season of release. For example, the ledger allocates the $234,000 in domestic rentals that Manhattan Melodrama earned in its 1937 reissue to the revenue and profitability of the…

One of many editorials that appeared in the Screen Writer Guild's magazine, The Screen Writer, about what they called the "reissue problem" -- the over-use of theatrical reissues by studios in the 1940s and the need for labor to receive residual…

Perspective of independent East Coast exhibitors on the pending RKO library deal.
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