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Eric Hoyt on Theatrical Reissues in the 1910s (Video)

Advertisement for old re-titled William S. Hart films. The films were released by W.H. Productions Co., a company controlled by the distributor of Hart's earliest films.

Article from Variety explaining that market conditions in 1939 were prompting exhibitors to play more reissues and revivals.

In 1944, Variety reported that exhibitors objected to the high rental rates that RKO was charging for the Snow White reissue.

Hollywood Vault is the story of how the business of film libraries emerged and evolved, spanning the silent era to the sale of feature libraries to television. Eric Hoyt argues that film libraries became valuable not because of the introduction of…

RKO advertisement for 1938 reissues of King Kong and Little Women. Published in Film Daily.

Reissue data on MGM pictures from the Eddie Mannix ledger.
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